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tailormadetheater interactive & cooperative art consultancy

1e v Swindenstraat 12/3
1093 GC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Harry Brandsma
m:+31 (0)640 793 628

Manette Meulenkamp
m:+31 (0)640 016 932


Shifting the ordinary and the usual... for every possible group and circumstance...

theatre as a tool
Tailormadetheater wants to invite you to a new experience. Our professionals develop theatrical workshops, trainings and productions that give a different view on everyday life. We aim to create both assigned and independent theatre productions that inspire, bind, open up and amuse. As skilled drama consultants we know how to work with very diverse groups and different themes and issues.

tailor made
Using theatre, mime and interdisciplinary art forms we focus on your social goal. Your aim may be teambuilding with your employees. Or stimulating students to express and create. Or something more abstract, like drawing attention to social or biblical themes or to a location. We listen, develop, exchange, interact and respect. When the lights dim and the curtain closes the world looks a tiny bit different…  Read More…

Deze site is Engelstalig maar vanzelfsprekend verzorgt TMTheater ook workshops, trainingen en producties in het Nederlands. (Although this site is written in English we also provide theatre productions in Dutch.)

theatrical skills within a sex offender's programme

The approach for our programme is based on interviews with therapists and sexologists, who work with sexually abused women and men, combined with our own experience of working in prison. 

theatrical and visual coöperation project

A location based theatre project, directed by TMTheater, in cooperation with visual artist Stefan Belderbos. Performed at several churches throughout the Netherlands.