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tailormadetheater interactive & cooperative art consultancy

1e v Swindenstraat 12/3
1093 GC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Harry Brandsma
m:+31 (0)640 793 628

Manette Meulenkamp
m:+31 (0)640 016 932



translating daily life into a new creative experience

TMTheater works with many kinds of groups, from corporate to social, providing important benefits on a professional, creative and/or personal level:

• founding the basic skills and competencies of theatre

• developing creativity

• enhancing personal growth and development

• enhancing cooperation skills and teambuilding

• opening up new perspectives on a theme

• recharging the batteries

• gaining insight in (group) processes and development

The benefits vary per production, workshop or training. We are open to any request and will think with you to make your wishes and goals concrete and translate them into an extraordinary theatrical event.