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tailormadetheater interactive & cooperative art consultancy

1e v Swindenstraat 12/3
1093 GC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Harry Brandsma
m:+31 (0)640 793 628

Manette Meulenkamp
m:+31 (0)640 016 932



an interactive cooperative form of art consultancy

TMTheater creates physical theatre on a docudrama basis, working closely together with all the participants, who have equal input in the creative process.Ā  The background, ideas, qualities, (in)capabilities, ages etc. of the actors and the location are used to create a high standard performance.

We challenge the students to listen to their own creativity and join us in the process of creating the play. We are very open to working with different art disciplines, from opera to audiovisual.

The content and form of theatrical events by TMTheater fit the occasion: from social themes and psychologically based workshops to location based workshops and weekend arrangements.

Examples: a street theatre production for the elderly and youngsters, aimed at better cooperation between people living in a neighbourhood; raising consciousness in sex offenders; installing historical awareness and sense of a location through a play on the very spot; teambuilding or family-outing, for fun or binding.

Read our method reportĀ Jumping Beyond ShadowsĀ or have a look inĀ ourĀ GalleryĀ for more examples.