tmtheater was established in 2002 by Manette Meulenkamp and Harmen Elisa (Harry) Brandsma combining their skills to create an interactive cooperative form of art consultancy. The aim is to tear down the walls between every possible distinction and to provide art in the broadest way and for every imaginable group. The keywords in their work are: experience, answering to specific demands, cooperation, respect and enjoyment. Harry and Manette are drama consultants and have professional education and experience in the dramatic field.

Harmen Elisa (Harry) Brandsma

Harry (1955) has a Masters in Drama/Mime, Theology and Social Work. His resume includes directing theatre productions and international documentaries, social and pastoral work.

For Harry’s professional background, you can view his curriculum.
If you are interested in his vision on religion, read one of his essays (available only in Dutch)

Manette Meulenkamp

Manette (1968) has a higher education as a teacher in both Drama and Mime. Her experience includes international theatre productions with Peter Greenaway and Shusaku Takeuchi, performances and developing and leading theatrical workshops throughout The Netherlands.